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References and Resources

Here is some information for those that are in need of recycling containers for their business or events, school, or if you just want to learn more about recycling, you are welcome to browse through these websites. Disclaimer: We as CCH Environmental Group do not endorse these companies and their products.

American Forest and Paper Association Provides information about paper and some fun facts about when and how paper came about.

Barco Products Provides outdoor plastic benches and picnic tables just to name a few.

Busch Recycling Bins and Waste Has customizable recycling and waste containers.

Can Manufacturers Institute Provides information about cans and fact about their use and reuses.

Clean River Recycling Solutions Has an assortment of recycling and waste containers that are made from recycled milk jugs.

Commercial Recycling Bins Offers a variety of recycling and waste containers that are made from recycled material for events and business.

Container Recycling Institute Provides information and statistics about recycling as well as publications about recycling.

Earth 911 Has information on ways to recycle even if you are out of state.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Is on the national level of information.

Free Cycle Allows for individuals to get in touch with others that have items for free that can be reused for something else.

Ohio Environmental Protection Services (OEPA) The Ohio EPA has more of a statewide information regarding recycling.

Ohio Materials Market Place This site is for businesses that have items in bulk that they are wanting to get prevent from going into the landfills.

Waste Management: Think Green from Home- Provides other ways to dispose of batteries, fluorescent lights.